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to the inside of my walls!

When I was born my land was still shaking with medieval wars, how many adventures have I experienced since the 13th century!

I was a bell tower, then they’ve dressed me up as a theater, I’ve hosted Napoleonic invaders and aristocratic families, a thousand changes have marked me.
But now, I’m entrusted with one of the most flattering tasks of my long career.

Every territory has its history…

...come and listen our tales

Az. Agricola Tenuta La Graziosa presents its wines
Az. Agricola Cesca Daniele presents its wines
Az. Agricola Alessandro presents its wines
Az. Vitivinicola Sciorio presents its wines
Az. Agricola Tenuta I Ciliegi presents its wines
Az. Agricola La Badia presents its wines

Piedmontese hazelnut, hazelnut spreads, hazelnut beer, hazelnut oil presented by:
Az. Agricola Teresina

Jams, preserves, Piedmontese appetizers, bagna cauda, vegetables in oil presented by:
Nonna Maddalena

The typical gastronomic products based on mushrooms and truffles presented by:
Italian Taste

Logo Corsivo

Inside the suggestive Comentina tower and the '' Castle '' of Piazza Roma in the historic center, in a unique, fascinating and exclusive place, the local companies present their food and wine excellences, with free tastings and the possibility of buying.

The typical cheese "Robiola di Roccaverano" presented by
Consorzio della Robiola di Roccaverano

Cooked and raw salami and artisanal cured meats by
Salumeria Borio

Agnolotti, tajarin, fresh pasta presented by
Pastificio Maldera

The biscuits, cakes, homemade pastry presented by:

Honey, honey vinegar, propolis, mellitus, presented by:
Casale ToBee

Organic honey presented by:
Podere L'Opi


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