Asti: 8 nice things to do

Asti: 8 nice things to do

1. Spend the night at a bed and breakfast.

To feel the spirit of the territory from the early morning, having a cup of coffee with pastry sitting in the world-famous, sun-bathed hills. If you choose the right address, you can admire mount Monviso and the Alps in the distance.

2. Take a picture with the Mura Cittadine in the background.

These are the ruins of ancient, medieval walls that surrounded Asti and still remain a majestic sight today.

3. Drink an aperitif at the Caffetteria Mazzetti.

In the middle of a park in the city center, it’s an ideal place to have a spritz with your friends in the hot, summer evenings. If you forget your mosquito spray, the Caffetteria usually has some you can borrow.

4. Mercato Vecchio.

Every last Sunday of the month, you can visit the Mercato Vecchio. This is a Flea Market located on the main square and surrounding streets where you can find all sorts of antiques for next to nothing; from vintage brooches and paintings to bicycles, fur coats and more.

5. Go on a local-specialties-tasting tour.

You can choose a bus, bike or on-foot tour. They are well organized and guests are looked after every step of the way. You will love it!

6. Walk around the city center.

If you don’t have any specific plans, my best advice is just take a walk in the center! You will surely find something you enjoy; there are museums, ancient monuments and, of course, lots of shops, cafes, restaurants and parks. Some of the best moments are when you are just wandering aimlessly.

7. The territory’s traditional specialties.

What you eat depends on the time of year. A good time is between the end of August and the end of October because there are lots of festivals. Piedmont’s cuisine, with fresh, local vegetables, meats and homemade sauces based on recipes passed down from generation to generation through the centuries, is something you cannot miss. Most businesses take their summer holidays in mid-August, so this is the least recommended time.

8.The Sagre di Asti Festival.

A date to be marked in your calendar is the second Sunday of September, when food stalls selling Italian delicacies and wines are set up on Piazza del Palio. The prices are very low and you can also find other foods, like Belgian sausages, Spanish tortillas and English beans to eat while you listen to music and dance outdoors till late at night. Great fun!

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