Comentina Tower

Welcome, visitors, to the inside of my walls.
When I was born my land was still shaking with medieval wars, how many adventures have I experienced since the 13th century!
I was a bell tower, then they’ve dressed me up as a theater, I’ve hosted Napoleonic invaders and aristocratic families, a thousand changes have marked me.
But now, I’m entrusted with one of the most flattering tasks of my long career.
I keep inside me the food and wine excellence of our UNESCO territory, looking after all the treasures that nature has given to my region, revised into precious jewel by the skilled hands of winemaker(vintner, enologists) and producers.
My duty is to show to you all these treasures and to tell you their history as in a small goodies and delights museum.
In this little journey you will discover what my region really has to offer.
While you are walking among the showcases, I’ll stay up here, as in past centuries, the tallest of the towers, watching over the city and its inhabitants and admiring the sun go down on my beautiful Asti.”

About Us

The Tomedo project is an ambitious innovation in the way of conceiving tourism in Asti.
Thanks to the privileged position inside the majestic Comentina tower, Tomedo aims to tell the culinary excellence of the surrounding area.
Tourists, Italians and international, and the Asti themselves will finally be able to return to the prestigious tower highest in Piedmont, closed to the public for years.
Inside, in addition to the frescoed ceilings of the original eighteenth century, will find a real “show” of products.
In fact, we have set up 15 shop windows, each dedicated to a different company, representing a specific and unique product or production line. The story.
We call “exhibition” our concept because to lead visitors there will be a native speaker guide that will explain the product, the territory, the company and the family that is behind every showcase.


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