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Satisfying the most discerning palates is our passion

Beppino Occelli's is a personal history of taste rich in insights, projects and satisfactions, but also in sacrifices and misunderstandings due to a mentality and lifestyle imposed by industrial logic and the cultural impoverishment of the countryside and mountains.

Against this tendency toward standardization, Beppino Occelli has come up with personal creations and interpretations of traditional products that stem from his deep and unbreakable love for the land where he was born: the Langhe and the Alps.

The ongoing pursuit of quality that continues for over forty years started from the selection of the best pastures, rich in alpine flower essences that give tastes and flavors to the milk, the same tastes we find in the flavor of our cheeses. These are pastures, meadows, and forests located at the foot of the Maritime Alps: between the Langhe and the Alpine pastures.

"Taste cannot be told, taste them."

Beppino Occelli

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