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From a passion for good traditional Piedmont cuisine

From the capital of the White Truffle and the Langhe, after a few years, in 2001, the company moved to La Morra where it expanded its production laboratory, a location that would remain so until 2015. From that year, Langhe Gourmet changed its residence again and moved to Carrù, at the gateway to the Langhe, the famous village of the century-old "Fiera Internazionale del Bue Grasso" (International Fat Beef Fair) and an important hub for the "Fassona" Piedmontese Breed of Cattle, in the current production plant of about 1000sqm, surrounded by vineyards and hazelnut groves.

The philosophy of yesterday remains intact to this day, the protection and preservation of the great Piedmontese and Langa artisan traditions without ever neglecting innovation.

Langhe Gourmet constantly invests in the improvement and efficiency of production processes, always remaining attentive to the selection of the best raw materials, controlled and guaranteed.


"We have always been aimed at the pursuit of flavor and quality, with simple recipes with few ingredients but true to tradition."

Bonino family

Langhe Gourmet


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