Il Cortile delle Delizie


The products of the earth that we tend and cultivate every day

We have chosen to grow our fruits and vegetables in a sustainable way, respecting our land, and therefore we have made a conscious decision not to use synthetic products, such as fertilizers, insecticides, herbicides and fungicides that are used in conventional agriculture can be, because we consider them dangerous to the health of people and the environment, nor do we use farming methods that are disrespectful of animal rights and the biological cycles of natural ecosystems.

In the soils where we work, we try to achieve an increase in biodiversity, fertilization is done only with natural fertilizers of organic origin, and we place great importance on maintaining soil balances by employing non-aggressive farming techniques and following crop rotation, in this way the nutrients in the soil are not depleted but can reform from season to season as different crops consume and contribute different substances and elements.

By doing so, we obtain products rich in health-promoting trace elements, as well as having an old-fashioned look and taste.

We believe in a future in which there is direct contact between producer and consumer, so that the latter can eat food from realities he or she has had the opportunity to see and touch, and in turn, the producer will have the opportunity to pass on the value of products that are the fruit of love, passion and awareness of the fact that food is the first source of health or disease in our bodies.

"We believe in a future where there is direct contact between producer and consumer."

Ramona and Simone


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