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Family-run businesses with small annual productions that, with love and passion, represent our territory dotted with traditions and gifts of nature

It is a story of gentle, seductive hills around the town of Portacomaro, a small kingdom of bright greens and soft curves, blessed with the good light of the Asti region.
Beppino Occelli's is a very personal history of taste full of insights, projects and satisfactions, but also of sacrifices and misunderstandings due to a mentality and lifestyle imposed by industrial logic and the cultural impoverishment of the countryside and mountains.
It all begins in the vineyard where we work our vines with great care and attention to nature. The winery, iDivini, is located in Piedmont, in the hills covered with historic vineyards of Monferrato, where the slopes of the Tiglione and Tanaro Valleys meet.
Cascina "La Badia" is a farm located in the municipality of Montegrosso d'Asti owned by two brothers, in the heart of the hills of Barbera d'Asti, queen of their productions.
The love of the Bianco family for the land and good wine is the main ingredient of their products. Between ambitious projects and award-winning bottles, a company that knows how to make wine.
The winery was born from Davide Laiolo's strong passion, inherited from his grandfather Gino. Located in the heart of Monferrato, more precisely in the municipality of Vinchio, the winery specializes in the cultivation and vinification of Barbera grapes, from which it obtains its two wines: barbera d'asti and barbera d'asti superiore.
In the heart of the Asti hills, in Mongardino, a town with strong and deep-rooted winemaking traditions, comes the Azienda Vitivinicola Ollino Paolo, where expert and attentive hands have been producing fine, quality wine for years. The products of this land bring with them the richness of the soil, its scents, the colors of the seasons and the passion and commitment.
Ciabot's pride and joy is the free-range breeding of Black and Bornean pigs. In a forest of about six hectares, we have reproduced a habitat that is as natural as possible, with special attention to Animal Welfare.
Our fine organic Italian honey is available in as many as 12 varieties, both monofloral and millefiori, from the most classic to the rarest. Honey has potential health benefits and plays a role in many home remedies and alternative medicine treatments.
Winemakers since after World War I, the Monti family has been producing for 3 generations. From grandfather Giuseppe, the passion for this craft was passed on to his son and then grandson Emanuel, who now meticulously manages the process from the vineyard to bottling.
The story of the Fidanza winery is a family story, a story of values and people who believe in their work and put their soul into every bottle produced. The work is rigorous: in the vineyard to get the best quality grapes and in the winery to maintain them and gently coax them into a bottle.
Baldaiassa has been involved in the production and sale of pure hazelnut oil since 2009, obtained exclusively by cold mechanical pressing of selected hazelnuts of the Tonda Gentile Trilobata variety grown in Piedmont.
Award-winning Amaretti
Moriondo Amaretti are crispy on the outside and soft on the inside. The secret? The careful selection of raw materials and all-original production.
Craft Beer
Monferrato Brewery produces only craft beer in the historic Ruby Cellar. We use only the best raw materials to brew it using the high fermentation method.
Ancient Salumeria
For over a hundred years at the service of craftsmanship and good food. Since the great-grandparents opened their first shop in 1911, the Borio family has been producing artisan cured meats made according to tradition and with family recipes.
Typical Products
The philosophy of yesterday remains intact to this day, the protection and preservation of the great Piedmontese and Langa artisan traditions without ever neglecting innovation.
Typical Products
Il Cortile delle Delizie nasce a Montegrosso Cinaglio, una frazione del comune di Asti, dove abbiamo realizzato un laboratorio, con annesso punto vendita, nel quale trasformiamo i prodotti della terra che ogni giorno curiamo e coltiviamo.

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