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Promote the food and wine tourism of Asti

Inside the Torre Comentina, a 13th-century medieval tower in the heart of the historic center of Asti, is home to Tomedo, a boutique of food and wine excellence. 

La nostra missione è quella di raccontare e promuovere il territorio astigiano partendo dalle storie delle aziende e dei loro prodotti d’eccellenza, entro 30km dalla nostra città.

The companies are all family-run with small annual productions that pursue the goal of making products of the highest quality with natural processes, the legacy of a never forgotten peasant tradition, with low environmental impact and in full respect of nature and its gifts.

This is how natural wines are born, with attention to the smallest details, in every facet of flavor, preserves made with very few ingredients, organic honey, freshly harvested pollen, I.G.P. and much more. 

Discovering the Asti Monferrato, UNESCO heritage, through its flavors is the experience we want to give to our visitors: this is why we offer a small free tasting to those who come to visit us, so that they can touch the incredible quality of our products, which can now also be purchased online with shipments within and outside Italy.

We support small businesses, environmental sustainability, made in Italy craftsmanship, traditions, love for the land, the beauty of history, the charm of our tower, the passion for our Asti.

"2021 was a truly magical year for the Asti area, full of events and tourism. Telling the territory through products is our way of thanking a place that has given us so much. Let the Asti era begin, with the redemption of a UNESCO heritage area that many have yet to discover "

Ronni Secondo Massetti


Producer Families

From the vineyard to the bottle

From the land of Asti we harvest extraordinary and unique grapes: this is how characteristic wines, sometimes even rare ones, are born. Tasting them is a constant surprise.

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